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Iron Angel Leather

The Antique Chocolate Leather Belt

The Antique Chocolate Leather Belt

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Our belts, if properly cared for (see leather care), will last you a lifetime. We make our belts from Full Grain Leather so they won’t crack at the holes and won’t stretch. The solid Full Grain Leather is sliced right from the hide and hand crafted into a belt. Our buckles are held on with two Chicago screws so you can easily swap the buckle out. Out belts have 5 holes spaced 1” on center. Don’t buy another cheap belt that only lasts 6 months.


  • Proudly made in the USA 🇺🇸
  • 1.5" Wide Belt
  • 3/16" Thick Full Grain Leather
  • 5 Holes (spaced 1" on center)
  • Removable Buckle (Using Chicago Screws)

Sizing Guide:

Buy 2 sizes larger than your waist measurement if your intended use is:

  • Using belt for CCW
  • Using belt for carrying tools or other gear on the belt.
Buy 1 size larger than your waist measurement for a comfortable relaxed everyday use.
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