Our Story

About Iron Angel Leather

The Company

Iron Angel Leather crafts leather bags, clutches, jewelry and more in our workshop in Northern NJ, USA. All of our products are cut, dyed (when applicable), and sewn by hand. Because our products are made from real leather hides, items will vary in color and some will have blemishes or brands. This makes each item unique. We can recreate an item but no two will ever be identical.

Each piece is created with love so that we can share our passion for leather crafting with our customers.


The Creator

After years of creating Belly Dance, Renaissance Faire and Halloween Costumes as well as creating custom jewelry, Cynthia tried her hand in leather crafting. Her version of the story is that she was looking for a clutch for a fundraiser she was attending but couldn’t find what she was looking for. So she found a local leather shop and bought a few tools and her first hide. She instantly fell in love with the craft and her leather creations soon took over her table at the local vending shows she attended. In 2019, she officially launched Iron Angel Leather to concentrate on designing leather pieces for her customers.